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Food Safety

Many of our buyers will want the comfort of working with farmers who are abiding by Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), farmers that take food safety seriously. The best way to show the buyer is to complete a third party audit on at least a yearly basis. Although, at first they can be a little time consuming, the cost is minimal. We are not experts in food safety, however, we do strongly recommend that you seek out a food safety consultant and/or audit company to help you make sure you are keeping up with the latest standards. It will open you up to more opportunities to sell through Farmplicity, and it's just good business. You will be able to upload your certificate for buyers to see.

We have taken the liberty of adding some links below that can get you started on your food safety journey. These serve as information only and are not recommendations of one company over another.


Primus Labs GAP Audit Tools and Preparation

NSF Farm Audit

SCS Global GAP Audit


We all get by with a little help from our friends. Here are some communities and groups that can possibly make life easier.

Earthdance Farms

University of Missouri Agriculture Extension

Missouri Farm Bureau

Illinois Farm Bureau